Debate continues on whether to raise Wisconsin's minimum wage

Motise Reynolds is 20-years old. But he already has two children, a newborn and a 2-year old.

Reynolds and his girlfriend both work at Madison-area fast food restaurants. Both make $9.00 per hour.

“Even though we have two incomes, it's a still a battle,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds said his $9.00/hour salary means his family has very little money to spend on anything besides food, phone and electricity bills, and medical costs.

“We really don't get to go our to eat, or to the movies,” he said. “Or even buy a movie or two just to keep at home.”

Reynolds said grocery shopping requires precise budgeting.

“We pick what we really need, maybe for a meal or two, and then we go get those groceries for those meals,” Reynolds said.

He added he and his girlfriend also buy “snacks” like bread,bologna and cheese.

Reynolds said he would support an increase in the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour. Wisconsin's minimum wage is currently $7.25/hour.

In Tuesday's election, voters in Racine, Neenah, Menasha and Appleton, as well as in Dane, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Eau Claire, Douglas, La Crosse, Portage, Rock and Wood Counties, approved ballot initiatives calling on the state legislature to raise the minimum wage.

Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans who control the majority in the state senate and state assembly have indicated they will not consider a minimum wage increase.

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