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Calif. bill would force third-party deliverers to share customer info

The latest in a flurry of bills aimed at regulating the services would apply only to certain pieces of data, and only upon request once a year.


Lawmakers rally to save Washington, D.C.’s tip credit

A majority of the city’s ruling council have co-sponsored a bill that would reverse last month’s ballot measure.

Pressure from the coffee company, Amazon and others killed the tax, which would have funded anti-homelessness initiatives.

The coffee giant accuses the city of flawed financial decision-making.

Restaurateurs would be forced to pick up the whole fee on tips charged on credit cards.

The state Department of Revenue is conducting more than 1,000 audits comparing cash tips reported by restaurants to tips tracked through credit cards; so far restaurants have been fined more than $40,000.

Larger employers are moving out, while some small businesses like restaurants are deciding now’s the time to throw in the napkin.

A little-known state agency will recommend whether the subminimum wage for tipped servers should be raised, scrapped or left alone.

A new initiative is intended to streamline the permitting and development process as a way of creating more restaurant jobs.

In what some hope is a preview of new responsibilities for restaurants on this side of the Atlantic, eating places in the European Union are adapting to requirements that 14 allergens be flagged on menus.

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