Standard full-time Michigan worker would get 8.7 sick days per year under Democratic legislation

Democrats in both chambers of the state legislature intend to push bills granting 8.7 paid sick days per year.

New York minimum wage hike slashed from state budget: Gov. Cuomo caves to Republican opposition

Gov. Mario Cuomo had been a fierce advocate of hiking the minimum to $10.50, but backed off in a last-minute deal with his Republican opponents.

The industry could use some cheer this holiday season. So let me climb aboard santa's lap and reel off what should be in your bag this year for restaurants.

One of the most audacious crime sprees the nation's restaurants have ever seen may soon be coming to a close.

The restaurant industry took a slapping this week, at times from its own hand.

As voters get ready decide whether the state will become country's third to impose paid sick leave, business owners say that while OK with the concept of granting sick time, they disagree with the specifics on the ballot.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday pushed the state Legislature to approve an increase in the state minimum wage “whenever it first can be done,” a request that comes as labor advocates and some elected officials encourage Gov. Andrew Cuomo to call a special legislative session before the year’s end.

The NLRB alerted McDonald’s today that franchisors and franchisees are “joint employers,” both accountable if employees take legal action.

A game-changing decision is just one of the challenges poking at the franchisee-franchisor relationship.

Legislation introduced this week would outlaw discrimination on the basis of citizenship, immigration status or language—not in employment but in customer service.

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