Next steps for Minnesota AFL-CIO: Transportation, paid sick leave

After helping to push through the state’s minimum wage increase earlier this year, the Minnesota AFL-CIO says it is taking up the issue of paid sick leave.

N.Y. labor groups, mayor accelerate push for wage hike

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday pushed the state Legislature to approve an increase in the state minimum wage “whenever it first can be done,” a request that comes as labor advocates and some elected officials encourage Gov. Andrew Cuomo to call a special legislative session before the year’s end.

The NLRB alerted McDonald’s today that franchisors and franchisees are “joint employers,” both accountable if employees take legal action.

A game-changing decision is just one of the challenges poking at the franchisee-franchisor relationship.

Legislation introduced this week would outlaw discrimination on the basis of citizenship, immigration status or language—not in employment but in customer service.

The nation’s first requirement that chain restaurants flag high-sodium menu choices with a warning icon has withstood a legal challenge from the NRA.

Help for meeting restaurants’ next major obligation under Obamacare was provided this week by the U.S. Department of Labor in the form of templates for educating employees.

The competition between foodservice channels is escalating quickly, but that didn’t stop restaurateurs from meeting Monday with the enemy.

Restaurants and other businesses in the state had lobbied hard but unsuccessfully against the bill, which aimed to give franchisees more power in disputes with franchisors. The governor questioned whether the law met that intention.

Public relations resources are being lined up for a multi-faceted push against the agency’s preliminary decision that franchisors can be viewed as “joint employers” of franchisees’ staffs. (subscription required)

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