Obamacare timeline: what restaurateurs need to know

Over the past year and a half, restaurateurs have been preparing for the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate. That day is approaching very soon. Here's a recap of Obamacare news and updates.

Another view of the McDonald’s joint-employer suit

The industry has blasted the suit and the NLRB ruling behind it. An employee group has a much different view. Here, for the sake of discussion, is how it views the landmark situation.

A proposal under consideration in the statehouse would mandate that indoor play areas be cleaned at least once daily.

In a new feature, RB looks at a few governmental issues that are just appearing on the horizon.

Recent updates to the Affordable Care Act brought relief. The employer mandate was delayed until 2016 for companies with 50 to 99 employees.

Restaurants that serve the city as a contractor or subcontractor will be required to pay at least $13 an hour under an executive order from Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Pitched resistance from the state’s business community failed to halt the proposal.

Mayor Rahm Emanual has convened a special session of the City Council to vote on the increase before state legislature can approve an $11 hourly wage that pre-empts local hikes. The restaurant industry favors a single minimum for all areas in the state.

Proponents argue that the measure, the first statewide paid-leave mandate in the country, is too restrictive, especially when compared with the laws that followed in Massachusetts and California.

A report that attributed the exit of at least seven restaurants to a pending $15-an-hour wage misstated why the places had actually fired down their stoves.

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