'No weapons' sign at restaurant draws fire after armed robbery

A N.C. barbecue joint with a no-guns policy was robbed at gunpoint, prompting concealed-carry proponents to spotlight the incident as validation that customers should be allowed to bear arms.

Oregon minimum wage will increase to $9.25 in 2015

The minimum hourly rate will rise by 15 cents next year to offset the effects of inflation, state officials decided this week.

As the city’s 2015 budget moves closer to approval, a key lawmaker has raised the possibility of taxing reservations made by Open Table and other digital services.

A measure before the City Council would grant three paid sick days per year, a pared-down proposal lawmakers say was prompted by San Francisco’s experiences.

Labor advocates are trying to woo support for bills before the legislature by arguing that a higher wage will reduce tax payers’ expenses.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson has said he’ll sign the measure if it’s voted out of the legislature. As with the new Indiana law, the bill would grant restaurants and other businesses the prerogative of refusing service to someone who clashed with their religious beliefs. Fear of discrimination against gays has already led to convention cancellations in the Hoosier State.

Who says well-behaved industries have to wait until Christmas for their surprises? Restaurants got a taste before they could utter a ho ho ho.

Opening one of the restaurant industry’s largest conventions, commentator Laura Ingraham asked attendees of the packed Restaurant Leadership Conference to raise a hand if they were inspired by any of potential contenders for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. A hush filled the room and not a hand was raised.

Reluctance to speak out on the issue signals uncertainty toward the casino industry, which has been presented as a savior for economically stagnant or depressed communities such as Detroit.

A city councilman is introducing an amendment that would expand the definition of "smoking" in city ordinances to include e-cigarettes, a measure that would include bars and restaurants.

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