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Panera builds on its vision

This fast-casual leader fell behind the pack. Will its reinvention be enough to bring it back to the top, and fast enough to keep investors at bay? We look at Panera 2.0 and where it's going next.


Is the cost of a delivery partner worth giving up control?

There always has been a high hurdle for entry into delivery. But with the rapid growth of third-party services, the financial equation has shifted.

Restaurateurs beware. While all major commercial providers offer it, cyber liability insurance typically is not included in a general liability policy.

One of the big challenges in creating an effective social media strategy is forging seamless communication and collaboration between departments.

A recent survey from Technomic found restaurant operators are cutting purchasing costs by an average of 12 to 13 percent (including shipping) by buying online.

No longer do untouchable chiefs sit atop their fiefdoms, gauging their success by the size of their latest capital budget or how often they lunch with the CEO.

Private-equity firms today are finding growth potential in many places—from rising concepts to off-course legacy brands.

A confluence of tech advances, changing lifestyles and demographic shifts has brought a renaissance in takeout, and everyone is racing to capitalize on it.

Takeout’s sibling, delivery, is seeing notable activity as well, and it’s mainly coming from third-party providers and the investors who seem to love them.

A game-changing decision is just one of the challenges poking at the franchisee-franchisor relationship.

Taking your restaurant’s show on the road through catering is a growing opportunity—as long as you don’t lose your identity along the way.

Forty years ago there was no expectation that a fast food job would pay a living wage, much less support a household.

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