Dutch Division of Sodexo First Foodservice Distributor to Achieve ASC Certification

(August 28, 2013)—Sodexo Netherlands will soon be the first foodservice operator to obtain Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) chain of custody certification.

In order to achieve chain of custody certification each company in the supply chain must meet strict requirements and have in place traceability systems that ensure no product mixing or substitutions can occur.

Sodexo will then be able to display the ASC logo on pangasius supplied by ATL Seafood, as part of its “Better Tomorrow Plan", part of which is a commitment to source sustainable fish and seafood in all the 80 countries where it operates by 2015.

“To raise awareness and maximize collaboration with both our clients and consumers, we will also participate in the first 'Think Fish Week' campaign in the Netherlands together with 85 percent of the Dutch supermarket sector. We are proud to be ASC’s 100th logo license holder," said Hairo van den Berg, Sodexo corporate development director.

“As a leading foodservice provider, serving hundreds of thousands of consumers daily, it will be rewarding well managed farms and help transform the aquaculture industry towards sustainability,” said Chris Ninnes, ASC chief executive.


- Amanda M. Westbrooks


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