Consumer Trends

How health and healthy planet concerns drive dining choices

Consumers’ interest in a healthier, more sustainable dining experience has fueled the rise of several guest demographics that should be on restaurant operators’ radar.


5 steps to reduce waste

Here are five tips to help restaurants reduce waste for healthier profits and a healthier earth.

Operators should consider both the business and moral aspects of officially going green, Advice Guy says.

Consumers are choosing seafood more often. Check out what's trending in the category here.

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The topic of sustainability has only grown interest throughout the history of fishery management.

While reducing waste is an admirable goal, safety and quality must come first, Advice Guy says.

Overseer of the state's pension fund, a major shareholder, says the burger chain isn’t following rivals’ lead on chicken treatment.

Amid growing public pressure, chains are replacing their plastic straws, but doing so won’t be easy, or cheap.

The burger chain said it is committing $5 million to a partnership to develop a recyclable or compostable cup.