Just Salad is rewarding reuse with its latest earth-friendly promotion

The salad chain is offering a discount on in-store orders when customers opt for a reusable bowl.


Church’s Texas Chicken is saving money and using less oil

The chicken chain teamed up with FreshFry on its oil margin improvement strategy.

The companies’ joint initiative will provide $1 million for sustainable packaging solutions to qualifying Uber Eats restaurants in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris and Madrid.

Adding climate labels to a menu reduced participants’ selection of red meat-containing items.

The coffee chain is launching a variety of initiatives aimed at reducing waste, including eliminating plastic cutlery in its Canadian restaurants.

Three more units will follow suit early next year, and the chain expects 35 sites to go fully solar by 2025.

Upcycling transforms spent grain and other edible byproducts into food that goes on the plate—not into the compost bin or landfill.

Regen Fries, from McCain Foods, are made with potatoes grown using techniques designed to build soil health and improve biodiversity.

Cultivated meat is grown directly from animal cells, which eliminates the resources needed to raise and farm animals for food production.

Rising costs and demands for greener operations has more companies looking at cutting out waste. And there are more potential solutions than ever.

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