Restaurants celebrate Earth Day with eco-friendly food, drink and more

Many operators are on a sustainability mission year round, but they go the extra mile to promote their efforts on April 22.


A new generation of upgraded kids' menus plays to parents, but they're getting Gen Alpha to hit the 'like' button

While many fast-food chains stick to old-school kids’ fare, there’s a recent surge among fast-casual and full-service restaurants to offer healthier, more grownup menus that appeal to the whole family.

To celebrate the venture fund's two-year anniversary, the fast-casual chain commits another $50 million to bring the investment pool to $100 million.

The chef-led initiative underscores climate impact on independent restaurants based on research from José Andrés’ Global Food Institute at The George Washington University.

The coffee giant will give customers the option to use their personal cup as the company makes good on a goal to reduce single-use cup waste.

Behind the Menu: The better burger chain shifted to these more sustainable sources, pledging to expand the initiative chainwide and on the menu.

As consumers continue to prioritize sustainability and environmentally friendly foods, menuing seafood that’s traceable is a great way to appeal to diners.

A newly formed group called HARP is aiming to accelerate the adoption of best practices. Members include Marriott, Hilton and Radisson.

Technomic's Take: Black Valley Provender in Everett, Penn., shows how a restaurant can operate in a small town using local ingredients and higher-priced menus.

Technomic's Take: More than half of operators were affected by extreme weather last year, a number bound to increase. But how will consumers respond? Is extreme weather the new craveability?

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