Ferguson, Mo. restaurants see sales plummet 50 percent

It's anything but business as usual for restaurants in Ferguson.

Looting and vandalism have hit some stores hard, but it's the sustained loss of foot traffic that's hurting eateries like Subway and Quiznos in the protests following Michael Brown's death.

Both restaurants are located near the police and fire station, which have become the hotbed of police and protester activity.

Kathy Osborn, executive director of the Regional Business Council, said around 25 businesses had been directly impacted by vandalism, but countless more are taking a hit to their sales.

"These are very small communities, and a lot of people don't have cars," said Osborn. "[People usually] walk to get what they need. So going out for a quick trip has a greater impact than it normally would."

The Subway on South Florissant Road has lost about 60% of its daily revenue -- about $1,000 a day -- since the protests began a week ago.

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