3 ways speed-scratch ingredients help kitchens during busy, stressful times

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As dining rooms in restaurants begin the process of opening again, there will undoubtedly be some changes made to the way business runs. With smaller kitchen staffs, reduced menus and a sustained, higher percentage of takeout and delivery orders, restaurants have turned to convenient ingredients to help them get orders out quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. Speed-scratch ingredients, including speed-scratch potatoes, offer kitchens the quality they require with the added benefit of being quick to prepare. Here are three ways speed-scratch ingredients can help restaurants thrive, even in times of extreme stress.

1)    Simple takeout and delivery solutions

As takeout and delivery have increased, operators have worked hard to ensure the food they’re delivering is just as tasty as it would be if the customer were dining in. Speed scratch potatoes offer the perfect solution—they’re quick to make, retain quality during delivery times and even reheat well (perfect for diners who want to save their leftovers or split their meal into multiple portions). Even as restaurants streamline menus to eliminate dishes that may be complicated to make or don’t hold up well for off-premise orders, speed-scratch potatoes are one menu item that’s here to stay.

2)    Reduced labor

With fewer staff onsite, restaurants need every convenience they can find. Speed-scratch ingredients, from prepared sauces to pre-cooked proteins and fresh-dried mashed potatoes, help reduce the amount of time it takes to craft each meal. What’s more, Idahoan® mashed potatoes can be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator for up to three days.  This flexibility can help kitchen staff prepare for peak business times and manage business fluctuations with less risk of waste as restaurants resume operations. 

3)    Comfort food versatility

Finally, speed-scratch ingredients help ensure that restaurants can continue offering customers’ favorite foods without any hiccups. During stressful times, consumers may be seeking more comfort foods, and with fresh-dried mashed potatoes, operators can prepare these classic, favorite dishes in mere minutes. Fresh-dried mashed potatoes also offer operators the versatility they need to continue offering tasty, craveable options. With different flavors and endless topping possibilities, mashed potatoes are a menu item consumers come back to again and again—and by giving restaurants a way to make potatoes in just a few minutes, operators can offer their customers great-tasting food without overextending their staff.

In these challenging times, it’s important for restaurants to find solutions that can save them time and labor while continuing to offer customers the great food they’re looking for. To learn more about speed-scratch options from Idahoan® Foods, visit

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