How speed-scratch and versatile ingredients can help restaurants with off-premise business

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With the restaurant industry facing an unprecedented pivot to off-premise orders only—at least for the time being—it stands to reason that operators would look for more ways to maximize the labor they still have on-site. As restaurants make moves to offer their menus for takeout and delivery, many operators are also experimenting with other formats of food: build-your-own pizzas or sandwiches, for instance, or meal kits containing everything necessary for putting together a delicious, restaurant-quality meal at home. Sourcing foods that work for speed-scratch dishes as well as meal kits is key for streamlining back-of-house prep.

Easy-to-use products reduce stress on kitchen

Whether it’s during a labor shortage or a labor surplus, one thing remains true for restaurants: Maximizing the labor in the kitchen is necessary for success. Using easy-prep foods, such as ready-made hummus, precooked gyro meat and many other ingredients, restaurants can serve authentic meals with very little hands-on labor. Meals such as Greek salads, gyro sandwiches and wraps and mezze plates come together in mere minutes, allowing kitchen staff to fulfill plenty of orders in a short amount of time. Lessening the stress on kitchen staff is great anytime, but especially when there’s a rush on delivery or takeout orders. The faster orders get out, the happier customers are—and the more likely they are to place repeat orders.

gyros platter

Format versatility

Speed-scratch ingredients are good for more than fully prepared meals, too. Thanks to many of these foods’ “heat and eat” format, operators can use them in family meal kits or build-your-own meal packages. For example, operators can offer a family meal kit that includes pita bread, fully cooked gyro meat and prepared hummus, plus fresh tzatziki sauce, fresh-sliced tomatoes and onions and a fresh side salad. This way, every person eating from the meal kit gets exactly what they want without having to make separate orders. What’s more, this method of ordering means there’s less room for error: If someone wants no tomatoes on their sandwich, they simply leave them off themselves.

gyros salad

Offering speed-scratch ingredients as part of a meal kit is also perfect for when restaurants start planning to serve large-format catering orders again. Speed-scratch ingredients will help ensure those orders come together quickly.

For operators currently facing a pivot to off-premise dining—whether it’s new to the restaurant entirely or there’s just a higher volume of orders—speed-scratch ingredients from Kronos Foods can ease the burden on kitchen staff while ensuring customers get a tasty, craveable meal. Find out more about what’s available at

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