Operators update the menu for Oktoberfest

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Oktoberfest is just around the corner, and nothing compliments German beer better than soft pretzels.  Luckily, it seems restaurants are menuing soft pretzels in nearly every shape, size, flavor and even format, with the traditional soft pretzel being transformed into rolls, bites, knots and sticks.

Mentions of soft pretzels on appetizer menus have increased 7.3% in the past year, and on entree menus they’ve grown 14.3%., according to Technomic’s MenuMonitor. Though pretzels may be most commonly associated with stadium snacks, traditional casual dining as well as other segments, such as convenience stores and quick-service restaurants, are adding them to their menus as well.

Throughout the years, a traditional style soft pretzel has been looked at as a quick snack enjoyed at ball parks, amusement parks or even at home. However, as preferences and dining styles continue to change, the soft pretzel continues to evolve. To meet the growing demand for craft and artisanal-style products, a new line of soft pretzels has been introduced by J&J Snack Foods Corp: the Brauhaus Pretzel™. Brauhaus Pretzel translates to “brewhouse pretzel” or “pub pretzel” in German, and just like a German pub, this soft pretzel offers a lively experience to remember.  These are all hand-crafted, authentic Bavarian-style pretzels with an earthy rye flavor. Within this line, there are three sizes available—a 2.5-ounce pretzel, a 5-ounce pretzel and a 10-ounce pretzel—which are a perfect addition to menus as an appetizer, snack or beer pairing. The full line is supported with wooden cutting boards, soft pretzel hooks and various point of sale items that can be ordered here.

Consumers also view bread choices as an indulgent way to customize and revitalize their sandwich options. In both casual and higher end restaurants, breads and rolls are being replaced by more artisan choices. Soft pretzel buns are used as a unique way to enhance a gourmet sandwich or burger. Labriola® Baking Company offers a wide range of shapes and sizes in their rich, Bavarian-style dough. The soft pretzel bun creates a new avenue for consumers to get an elevated taste on their favorite sandwich or burger.

Oktoberfest is the perfect time to celebrate the history of this beloved classic German snack.  Add grainy mustard and a selection of favorite dips to enhance the experience and diners will not only leave with a smile, but they’ll also have a new favorite appetizer or sandwich to order during their next visit. Whether it’s an authentic, Brauhaus Pretzel™ or a hand-sliced Labriola® soft pretzel bun, soft pretzels are the perfect item to add a comfortable and fun twist to the menu.

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