Shareable dishes offer exciting options for group dining occasions

chicken sliders
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Small plates, appetizers and other shareable dishes can create memorable experiences for restaurant customers, whether they are seeking to socialize on-site or enjoy meals at home with friends or family.

They are perfect vehicles for customers to try new flavors and ingredients, and they can accommodate a variety of dining occasions, including between-meal snacks, happy hours and holiday parties, as well as traditional brunches, lunches and dinners.

According to Technomic’s 2021 Starters, Small Plates & Sides Consumer Trend Report, 21% of consumers plan to order more appetizers to share with a group in the wake of the pandemic, and 14% plan to order more small plates for sharing. The report also found that 42% of consumers agree completely that small plates are a great way to share dishes when dining with a group.

Sliders are among the small-plate menu options that readily accommodate sharing, either as an appetizer or an entree. Technomic’s Starters, Small Plates & Sides report found that 30% of consumers would order sliders or mini burgers at least occasionally if they were offer

Offering multiple types of sliders allows customers to mix-and-match items to satisfy groups with diverse preferences. In addition, sliders provide easy-to-eat handheld options for group dining occasions and social gatherings.

Starting with a high-quality carrier such as King’s Hawaiian bread, operators can create sliders that feature an assortment of on-trend ingredients that appeal to the tastes of today’s consumers.

For example, consider leveraging the fried-chicken trend with this recipe for fried-chicken sliders on King’s Hawaiian Original Slider Buns. They feature a flavorful mix of caramelized Maui onions, ancho honey and chipotle-cilantro mayo, and are served with a side of green chile queso for dipping. The sweet, indulgent bread is the icing on the cake.

Or, put the focus on variety with a trio of sushi-inspired sliders offering three different seafood proteins and three different flavor profiles.

Little Dippers

Shareable plates’ success hinges on craveability—and what’s more craveable than sweet, delicious Hawaiian bread?  For more information, ideas and inspiration about how to energize the menu with shareable dishes featuring King’s Hawaiian Bread, click here.



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