Toppers debuts new pizza LTO

Toppers Pizza has introduced a new pizza for a limited time.

The Ragin’ Pepperoni Pizza will be available starting today through mid-April. The new menu item features traditional pepperoni, diced pepperoni and thick-cut spicy pepperoni combined with 100% Wisconsin mozzarella cheese and Toppers’ homemade pizza sauce.

toppers pizza triple pepperoni

The quick-service pizza chain says that it plans to introduce more limited-time menu items throughout the next year.

“We have always been on the cutting edge of new flavor profiles and we have big plans to focus even more on unique and bold options in the coming year,” said Mac Malchow, director of national marketing and menu innovation for Toppers. “We listened to our fans and, like the tripling down of the Ragin’ Pepperoni, we are planning to triple down on introducing new items and creating more exciting takes on pizza favorites in 2018.”


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