What does 'clean label' mean to consumers?

Here’s what operators should know about the diners who are looking for clean-label menu items.

Consumers’ definition of healthy is changing from simply meaning low-calorie, low-sodium or low-fat to meaning clean, which includes attributes such as non-GMO, organic, all natural or no artificial flavors or colors. And operators are working hard to adapt their menus to these shifting preferences. But for the uninitiated diner, clean-label menu items can be a bit of a mystery—what is clean label and why are restaurants offering it?

For operators, adding clean-label ingredients to their kitchens can be a daunting task. Finding suppliers who are committed offering clean-label foods can be tricky, after all. But with an expanded understanding of the clean-label movement, both diners and operators can get what they want. Diners can order the natural and tasty foods they love, and operators can see a boost in business from offering these menu options.

Here’s what operators should know about the clean-label trend and the diners who are looking for such options on menus.

clean label infographic

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