How the GOP and Dems differ on restaurant issues

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Now that both major political parties have drafted their platforms, restaurant operators have a clear delineation of what the Democratic and Republican parties intend to do if their candidate is elected president in November.

Here is a quick review of where each party stands on issues of particular importance to the industry.

IssueDemocratic positionRepublican position
  • Mandate a $15-per-hour minimum nationwide
  • Eliminate the tip credit nationwide
  • Promote profit sharing
  • Leave minimum wage issues to states and local jurisdictions
  • Encourage employee stock ownership programs
  • 7 days of paid sick leave
  • Encourage employers to provide paid vacations
  • “Democrats will make it easier for workers, public and private, to exercise their right to organize and join unions.”
  • Fight against so-called Right to Work laws
  • Promote Right to Work laws
  • Allow the Board to certify a union through a simple card vote
  • “We intend to restore fairness and common sense to that agency
Tax reform
  • Simplify current taxation process
  • Ease taxes, simplify the taxation process
  • Replace current taxation system and start from scratch
Small business assistance
  • “We will cut the red tape that holds back small businesses.”
  • Reduce “occupational licensing laws”
  • Reduce “occupational licensing laws”
  • Overturn Dodd-Frank as a step toward ending a “regulatory nightmare”
Immigration reform
  • A path to legal residence
  • “We oppose any form of amnesty for those who, by breaking the law, have disadvantaged those who have obeyed it.”
  • Ensure ACA is truly universal coverage by promoting accessibility
  • Repeal the ACA



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