Inside The Luminary

A Top Chef-testant sets his concept apart in a hall full of food stalls with lighting and layout.

Built in a corner spot of the 1920s warehouse turned Atlanta’s Krog Street Market, The Luminary conveys the vibe of a traditional brasserie while still tapping into its food-hall surroundings. “What people like [about food halls] is going to experience a lot of different things,” says head chef and owner Eli Kirshtein. While this helps eliminate the veto vote, operating in one is not without its challenges. Kirshtein’s feat: making his eatery feel like a stand-alone concept and not just another stall. 

Light and sound set the tone

Putting tables close together and not adding rugs to buffer sound was a conscious decision, says Kirshtein. The goal was a convivial atmosphere. “At night, it’s a bit of a scene,” he says. But that’s not the case during the day; large windows let in natural light to make the space  bright and airy. “It feels like you’re outside,” he says.

Separate, yet together

While the raw bar is light and feminine, the cocktail bar is designed with dark wood, brass and mirrored elements for a masculine feel. “We wanted it to be modular and flexible ... but still cohesive,” says Kirshtein. 


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