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Attract all-day delivery business with innovative, unexpected breakfast items

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There’s no denying that the pandemic has changed the way the restaurant business runs. From dining room closures to a booming off-premise business, operators have had to shift gears a few times this year. However, there is one unexpected result of the pandemic: with many consumers working from home for the foreseeable future, breakfast business shifted from the morning rush to an all-day trickle with some busier rushes scattered throughout the mid-morning and afternoon hours. For consumers who aren’t eating breakfast as soon as they wake up, being able to find breakfast foods at any hour is key. And for operators, offering consumers what they want when they want it is a big opportunity.

By updating the menu to make breakfast options available all day, operators can capitalize on consumers’ changing habits. 

Premium, exciting breakfast items for early risers

Technomic’s 2019 Breakfast Consumer Trend Report found that about 40% of consumers say that when it comes to deciding where they choose to order breakfast from, a signature breakfast item they can’t get elsewhere is important. For these consumers, the standard bacon and eggs a la carte plate isn’t going to cut it. But tasty breakfast sandwiches with unexpected ingredients—such as a spicy aioli, pickled jalapenos or maple-flavored breakfast sausage—can be a great way to attract more consumers to the breakfast menu, even if they’re ordering long after the a.m. hours. Consider using trending ingredients, global flavors and flavored breakfast meats, such as those from Johnsonville, to make existing breakfast options a little more exciting. 

Innovative all-day options

By offering breakfast for multiple dayparts, operators ensure that diners who typically sleep in, work the night shift or simply enjoy breakfast food during nontraditional times of day can find something they like on the menu when they’re ordering delivery. Technomic’s Breakfast report found that 34% of consumers define breakfast not by the time of day it’s eaten, but the foods that make up the meal. Younger consumers—including Gen Z—are more likely to think of breakfast this way, so offering all-day breakfast items can be beneficial to operators who want to cater to younger crowds.

Adding to the all-day breakfast menu doesn’t have to just mean offering the same fare past 9 or 10 a.m., though. Operators can update the menu to incorporate common breakfast foods into the lunch or dinner menu. For example, try offering chicken and waffles or a sausage, potato and egg skillet on the dinner menu, or top loaded hash browns with sausage, cheese and salsa for a unique take on the popular loaded fries appetizer—perfect for happy hour or late-night orders.

All-day breakfast is here to stay. Take advantage of the opportunity with Johnsonville products. To learn more about how to innovate the breakfast menu, or to get menu inspiration, visit foodservice.johnsonville.com.

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