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Why P.F. Chang’s is all-in on self-delivery

It has become one of the few non-pizza chains to embrace the approach after discovering that customers love it.


Maine approves restaurants' reuse of takeout containers

Only packaging designed and manufactured to withstand refilling are permissible.

The chef and restaurateur helped shape the delivery company’s new restaurant tech support program.

He will step down from the board of Grubhub parent Just Eat Takeway at the end of November.

Beginning next June, operators can only provide packets of catsup, sweeteners or disposable forks upon request.

RB's Reality Check wonders whether these backburner events be the first sign of potentially disruptive trends.

Toast was not the only “all-in-one” provider to make news last week. Also, Grubhub takes to the gridiron, Philly eyes a permanent delivery fee cap and more.

Reef Kitchens expects to expand by a factor of 10 this year, using a unique real estate strategy to its advantage.

The landmark package of bills addresses bathroom access, payment policies and more.

The fast casual will use the new outlet to test the San Jose market. That’s just the tip of the iceberg in this briefing on several weeks’ worth of tech news.

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