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Tech roundup: Restaurants remain fans of delivery fee caps

Leaders in New York and Philadelphia say they haven't hurt sales, despite a recent DoorDash report. Plus, Toast adds new contactless payment features and a drone company launches lunch delivery.


Nathan's Famous to add 100 units with Ghost Kitchen Brands, many in Walmarts

The off-premise-focused outlets will roughly double Nathan's virtual footprint in the U.S. and Canada.

A rise in vehicle thefts plus growing demand for delivery has created a dangerous situation, and drivers say they have few places to turn for help.

We’re unlikely to see major restaurant chains try self-delivery anytime soon after the end of Panera’s service, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

Restaurants will be able to display their Instagram accounts within the app as well as post updates in users' feeds.

C3's Citizens Go app allows customers to order from multiple of the company's concepts, with fulfillment provided by its network of ghost kitchens.

The chicken sandwich chain is using semi-autonomous Kiwibot fleets to cart orders at a few restaurants in Southern California.

The chain and autonomous vehicle maker Nuro will start testing the R2 vehicle at a location in Houston this week.

The pandemic has pushed Panera Bread to quietly end its self-delivery program.

Online grocer FreshDirect is looking to meet consumers still at home through its new partnership that brings restaurant cuisine from Carbone, Nom Wah and Milk Bar straight to the shopper's door.

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