Franchisors, franchisees differ on delivery

Brands love the service, says RB’s The Bottom Line. Operators? Not so much.


Pizza Hut expands beer delivery

The company now has beer delivery in Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina and Ohio as well as California and Arizona.

To get the most out of delivering soup, knowing what customers want, as well as knowing a few tips for packaging and promotion, is key.

A challenging year brought fundamental shifts in the market and a white-elephant sale of troubled concepts.

More off-premise business has meant fewer drink sales for many. Here’s how three operators are recouping those orders.

Demand for the company’s kiosk-based model has soared as takeout and delivery grow more popular.

After tests, the company is launching the service in Los Angeles and Houston through DoorDash.

With so many restaurants offering delivery, how does a brand stand out? Here are three newly announced attempts.

The company has a partnership with DoorDash at 1,100 locations.

Comps jumped 7.7% for Applebee’s and 1.2% for IHOP.