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Grubhub overwhelmed after offering New Yorkers free lunch

The company’s app and website crashed on Tuesday due to “unprecedented” demand during the three-hour promotion.


Uber Eats set to pilot autonomous delivery with robots, cars

It’s also rolling out voice ordering and the ability to use the Eats app at sports stadiums.

Independent operators have struggled to make the model work, citing marketing challenges and the high cost of delivery.

Independent operators say the delivery-only business is more difficult than it’s cracked up to be. Their challenges have led providers to rethink their strategy.

The company is taking share from its competitors as demand for delivery remains strong.

The Bottom Line: Pizza chains are struggling to find enough drivers. They are increasingly turning to delivery services, which are not having the same problem.

Tech Check: Carryout is gaining share as delivery slows down and gets more expensive. That’s good news for restaurants.

The pizza chain’s sales fell, much like Domino’s, because of the driver shortage. But the company says operators that have used aggregators are seeing sales benefits.

Lunchbox Rails will route all digital orders into the POS system with the goal of eliminating “tablet hell.”

The company's latest multi-restaurant delivery hub is a new take on the format.

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