Is this the end of in-house pizza delivery?

The Bottom Line: Two California Pizza Hut operators are getting rid of their own delivery services in advance of the state’s fast-food minimum wage. The potential implications of that move are enormous.


McDonald's now generates more delivery sales than Domino's

The Bottom Line: The burger giant generates $16 billion in global delivery sales, more than any other quick-service restaurant chain.

A study from the tech supplier Otter found that the usual causes are a delivery taking too long or a kitchen being unable to keep up with incoming orders.

The platform’s annual report tracks more than sales. It provides a snapshot of the eating and drinking trends driving diners’ decisions.

Projections call for heavy purchases of both on-premise and to-go meals, while consumers are already spending more on gift cards.

Chef Brandon Jew takes on the fast-casual challenge of scaling quality food at an accessible price in a Panda Express-dominated segment. But you won't find Chrysanthemum Salad at Panda Express.

The delivery service is making several policy changes after giving drivers in New York City a raise to $29.93 per hour.

Just in time for finals week, fans can get a Taco Bell SOS Kit delivered to their dorm room, designed to be eaten in bed.

The agreement includes a reported $100 million investment from Nestlé, which will help Wonder bring its unique model to other foodservice operations.

The company said drivers tend to reject orders that don’t include tips, so it’s testing out a reminder for customers.

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