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Talking to a teenager

If you could eat at any restaurant, which one would it be? See this teen's response ...


Chefs' favorite apps

We asked chefs to name some of their favorites; as we would expect, apps that make chef’s lives in the kitchen easier are the most popular.

Fine-dining restaurants and upscale food vendors, typically wary of participating in online deal programs, are taking a careful look at LivingSocial Gourmet, LivingSocial’s invitation-only channel for food-savvy consumers.

Hyatt Hotels Corp., which serves nearly 24 million meals annually in its worldwide properties, is seeking a leadership role in the health and wellness arena within the hospitality industry, evidenced by its new global initiative: "Food. Thoughtfully Sourced. Carefully Served."

Wolfgang Puck wants to be America’s go-to-chef, and his new iPhone/iPad app. launched mid-April, may just help him realize his dream.

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