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KFC names new chief marketing officer

KFC has hired a new CMO after promoting the former holder of that role earlier this year.


5 digital ways chains aim to lure undecided diners

A new report gives a glimpse into some of the outreach tactics restaurants are using online.

Jumping in on a pop-culture moment can pay off for restaurant operators. But that sort of attention can also come with pain points, as McDonald’s was reminded over the weekend.

Here’s how operators are looking ahead and staffing up for more digital times.

Must-see TV is back, and operators have been seizing the moment with themed promotions.

This month has seen its fair share of restaurant controversy on the web. Here’s how three concepts are choosing to address current and potential snafus with followers.

See how TGI Fridays grew its Facebook and Twitter audience by more than 100%.

See how operators are using the pint-sized images to get a read on consumers.

The original disappearing photo and video app is still hitting hard with teens and young adults.

A social media moment can become a marketing gold mine with just a handful of tweets, as Wendy's learned this year.

For Pride Month, Just Salad partnered with LGBT Instagram personalities to promote the chain’s Big Gay Garden Salad in their posts.

Facebook’s 360 photos and videos allow brands to give users a more interactive and immersive social media experience.

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