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Lori Rakoczy

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As some commodity costs ease, should more restaurants lower prices?

Technomic's Take: Restaurants need to rethink their pricing strategy. While that may not mean lowering menu prices, there is one operator doing just that.


Are consumers getting used to higher prices?

Technomic's Take: Restaurant menu price inflation continues to tick up. But consumers are showing few signs of cutting back on eating out.

Technomic's Take: Restaurant traffic during the snacking daypart plunged last year. How should operators prepare once diners come back?

Technomic's Take: Younger consumers are not cutting back because of higher prices. But they are looking for the right deal. Here's how operators should respond.

Technomic's Take: Diners' new year's resolutions include cutting back and eating healthier. How should restaurants respond?

Technomic's Take: Consumers are far more likely to cite a lack of time in explaining why they dine out than any other reason. Here's what this means for your restaurant.