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Should e-cigarettes be welcome in restaurants?

Given that people have such strong feelings about cigarettes, it’s somewhat surprising that restaurant operators are up in the air when it comes to electronic versions.


Common senses

Menu applications evolve and change, but one thing is sure to stay the same: How we taste and enjoy those applications.

Shishitos offer a mild, sweet flavor with just a touch of heat. These small, finger-like peppers are often featured as a snack item in their native Japan, and now they are grown in the U.S. as well, with high season in summer and fall. Easy to prepare in a variety of ways, it’s no surprise these thin-skinned, emerald beauties shine on menus across the nation.

Often the main ingredient in pancakes and biscuits, due to the rise of consumer interest in fermented foods and bolder flavors, buttermilk is being revived and reintroduced in several new and interesting culinary applications.

With its own national day of observance—August 10—the legacy of S’mores steadfastly lives on in the hearts and mouths of generations. But this beloved crunchy-sweet treat is not just for campfires anymore.

Regardless of the size of your business, credit card data security cannot be ignored. Any violation of your system will directly affect your business—financially, legally, and most important, your reputation among customers and within your community. But where do you begin if your technological expertise ends at sending email?

Summer is here and the bright, jewel tones of fresh watermelon are dressing up dishes from coast to coast. Most common appearances seem to be within invigorating summer salads, but the sweet magenta of this summer favorite shines as the star of Italian ice and even as a pickle.

Said to have been invented more than 275 years ago by a London department store, Fortnum & Mason, there’s always been much more to the humble, yet flavor- and protein-packed Scotch Egg than meets the eye.

Choosing small plates offers diners the opportunity to try a variety of menu items and flavors—which, according to a recent report by Technomic, is what 70% of consumers are looking for in shareable dining.

Hominy is no longer taking a backseat to its parent, corn, or to masa, the ground up version of itself used to make tortillas. Ever increasingly, this alkali-treated form of corn is being featured in a variety of ways across restaurant menus.

Pimento cheese, Southern star of tea sandwiches and signature dish of The Masters Tournament, is moving away from its traditional home between two slices of white bread and across restaurant menus.

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