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Fake meat gets real

At Karyn’s on Green in Chicago, one of chef John Gorecki’s signature dishes is a $15 crab cake.


What investors see in Conscious Capitalism

At first glance, Bill Flagg and Michael Farello seem to have little in common.

For her nine Grand Central Bakeries, in Portland and Seattle, Piper Davis buys sustainable grains and natural meats.

When Myron Allen wanted to open a Toppers Pizza franchise in Rochester, Minnesota, he turned to an old friend: his local banker.

One risk of a more sophisticated menu is that your food will take longer to prepare and serve. To meet the challenge, new designs are reducing the time customers have to cool their heels or idle their engines.

America’s restaurants are getting an extreme makeover. Sure, old brands have gotten face-lifts every decade or so. But the latest changes in design go more than skin deep.

What most cutting-edge franchise services have in common is that they cut the cost of opening a store.

In a January survey by the International Franchise Association, 32 percent reported that more than half their franchisees were unable to get financing.

What are the building blocks of a green building? Here's a breakdown of its basic components, along with some of the cutting-edge materials, technologies and practices that restaurants are putting into them.

As sustainable restaurants grow in number, they’re growing in another way. They’re raising the bar on what sustainability means.

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