Dutch Bros. Coffee


Rapidly expanding Dutch Bros is opening another support center in Arizona

The drive-thru coffee chain opened more shops in its history last year as sales accelerated. And it is also opening shops in Florida.


Get your executives into the stores more often

The Bottom Line: Starbucks and now Dutch Bros are giving some key executives barista training and having them work in the field. That should become standard.

The drive-thru beverage chain named a trio of new executive hires under new CEO Christine Barone. It plans continued aggressive growth but is tweaking that strategy to be more thoughtful.

The drive-thru beverage chain’s shop profit margins soared last quarter, to 31%, thanks to a combination of price hikes and efficiency. It will help with California wages set to increase next year.

Joth Ricci will step down at the end of the year following a transition period. The move comes just months after Barone was brought in as the drive-thru beverage chain’s president.

As its sales lag competitors, the growing drive-thru beverage chain is working to build sales, and traffic, behind new Company President Christine Barone.

The drive-thru coffee chain, which raised prices 11% in 2022, said it plans to hold the line in 2023, particularly after it made changes to its loyalty program.

The drive-thru beverage chain is taking a page out of Domino’s playbook and building more locations to ease capacity restraints. But Wall Street is not entirely convinced.

The former CEO of True Food Kitchen and ex-Starbucks executive will take over company operations as it targets 4,000 locations.

The drive-thru beverage chain’s same-store sales rose 1.7% last quarter. But the company is working to improve results in one of its biggest markets.

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