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Podcast transcript: Dutch Bros CEO Christine Barone

A Deeper Dive: Here is the transcript for the May 29 podcast with the chief executive of the drive-thru coffee chain, who talks real estate, boba and other topics.


How Dutch Bros is refining its real estate strategy

A Deeper Dive: Christine Barone, CEO of the drive-thru beverage chain, joins the podcast to talk about real estate, boba tea and changing drink habits.

Same-store sales increased 10% in the company’s first quarter as boba, protein coffee and more awareness drove traffic to its shops.

The drive-thru coffee chain opened more shops in its history last year as sales accelerated. And it is also opening shops in Florida.

The Bottom Line: Starbucks and now Dutch Bros are giving some key executives barista training and having them work in the field. That should become standard.

The drive-thru beverage chain named a trio of new executive hires under new CEO Christine Barone. It plans continued aggressive growth but is tweaking that strategy to be more thoughtful.

The drive-thru beverage chain’s shop profit margins soared last quarter, to 31%, thanks to a combination of price hikes and efficiency. It will help with California wages set to increase next year.

Joth Ricci will step down at the end of the year following a transition period. The move comes just months after Barone was brought in as the drive-thru beverage chain’s president.

As its sales lag competitors, the growing drive-thru beverage chain is working to build sales, and traffic, behind new Company President Christine Barone.

The drive-thru coffee chain, which raised prices 11% in 2022, said it plans to hold the line in 2023, particularly after it made changes to its loyalty program.

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