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Basic American Foods

Basic American Foods

Family owned and operated since our founding in 1933, Basic American Foods has the best selling line of shelf-stable potatoes and beans today by combining consumer preferred taste with exceptional convenience. Our ongoing innovation (40+ patents) focuses on continuously meeting customer needs.

Our convenient potato and bean products are made from 100% USA grown potatoes and beans. They are cooked, dried and packaged utilizing our proprietary technology and stringent quality specifications to lock in flavor and texture for that "from scratch" taste in every batch.

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Up the indulgence factor with comfort food mashups

Throughout the pandemic, consumers turned to comfort foods frequently—for obvious reasons. DoorDash surveyed 2,000 Americans to find out what they were eating in the first six months of 2020, and top sellers included chicken quesadillas, buttermilk fried chicken, create-your-own-pizzas, cinnamon rolls and cheese nachos.


Smart strategies for profitable plant-based offerings

Consumers are increasingly interested in eating plant-based and meat-free dishes.

Consumers are returning to their pre-pandemic routines, and that’s creating opportunities for operators to refine their menus and add flavorful, satisfying snacks that also meet demands for portability.

For operators looking to expand their offerings to appeal to diners interested in plant-based eats, it can be daunting to figure out what dishes to make vegetarian—that is, which dishes will have broad enough appeal across the menu to please both those seeking plant-based meals as well as meat-eaters.

Want to get in on the trend? Check out these four ways to make all-day breakfast deliciously appealing.

Given the media attention lavished on trendy new ingredients and emerging ethnic cuisines, one might assume that customers are always seeking new thrills when they dine out. The reality is quite different. Research shows that consumers are actually creatures of habit who go back to the same restaurants and order the same items because it is safe and comforting.

Americans are finally getting serious about breakfast. With big QSR chains such as Taco Bell getting into the breakfast game and the rising popularity of weekend brunch, it’s clear that focus on the morning daypart is growing stronger.

Restaurants can capitalize on the seasonal-specials trend by combining in-season herbs and produce with familiar ingredients for a fresh twist.

Serving all-day breakfast doesn’t mean just serving pancakes and eggs well into the afternoon.

When rolling out seasonal offerings, don’t stop at entrees. Sides are ripe for seasonal makeovers, and consumers are clamoring for healthy fall flavors.

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