Reimagining the potato for craveable, high-margin offerings

Photograph: Basic American Foods

Potatoes are the star of the show in many of consumers’ favorite foods—they’re great mashed, as hashbrowns, as fries, baked, as tots and more. In addition to being a consistent customer favorite, potatoes offer operators endless opportunity for creativity, and are also great for use all day long, making them a versatile workhorse for just about any menu. From morning to night, potatoes are the perfect canvas for making craveable entrees, sides and more. What’s more, when they’re made into full dishes rather than just being sold as standalone sides, they offer higher margins for operators—what’s not to love about potatoes? Here are a few ways operators can make unique potato dishes that are sure to become instant classics

Quick customizations

Tater tots, with their crispy edges and soft interior, are a fan favorite for good reason. According to Datassential Menu Trends 2020, 71% of consumers love or like tots—but there’s a great way for operators to take them to the next level. 2019 data from Datassential shows that a full 80% of consumers are willing to pay more for a house-made version of tots. For operators wanting to customize their tots, Potato Tot Mix from Basic American Foods offers the versatility and customization capability they need. To prepare, kitchen staff need only add water, scoop and fry/grill. To make a signature offering, operators can simply mix in tasty ingredients, such shredded cheese, diced jalapeño, bacon or other ingredients before cooking.

Elevated classics

Potatoes are a staple on restaurant menus. Classic options such as hashbrowns can give favorite menu items an upgrade—and an upcharge—simply use them as a topping for a burger or as the base to a more substantial meal. For example,  offer crispy hashbrowns as a burger topper or use them as the base for an indulgent breakfast bowl—perhaps in place of biscuits in classic biscuits n’ gravy. Serving long-time favorites with a modern twist is a great way to boost check averages without revamping the entire menu.

All-day eats

Finally, potatoes give operators an easy way to incorporate current flavor trends with ingredients they already have on hand—and these dishes can be served all day long. Try using hashbrowns in place of rice for a unique spin on a curry dish, or serve up tots alongside poached eggs and hollandaise for a new variation on eggs benedict. Sauces and toppings give operators unlimited freedom to experiment, and potatoes’ neutral flavor and varied formats mean there’s virtually no end to what can be done.

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