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McDonald’s is expanding its McPlant test to a lot more locations

The burger giant said on Thursday that it plans to expand the test to 600 stores, increasing the chances of a nationwide introduction.


Consumers are increasingly questioning restaurants’ value

The Bottom Line: Black Box data suggests diners aren't so sure they're getting their money's worth amid soaring menu prices.

LEANguini launched earlier this month, but Chef Nick Graff and his team spent two years on R&D to perfect the pasta.

With flexibility the focus, organizers are optimistic that this annual promotion will bring people back to dining rooms despite the ongoing pandemic.

Full-service prices rose 6.6% as food-away-from-home inflation hit a 40-year high in December.

Almost as soon as the New Year’s Eve confetti was swept up, new menu items started shooting out of the pipeline. Restaurants are jumping on consumers’ resolutions to eat healthier with plenty of plant-based options, vegetable-forward items and dishes targeted at special diets. But there’s action on the flavor front too, as sandwiches get hotter and coffee drinks take on sweet spices.

The QSR is partnering with YouTube star Liza Koshy to launch the plant-based “Kentucky Fried Miracle” on Monday.

The new pasta, developed by the fast casual’s culinary team, is in test in select markets this month.

Restaurants are developing new strategies to navigate product shortages, delays and distribution headaches.

Papa Johns' new crust option gives pizza fans the chance to fold their slice like they do in the Big Apple.

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