IHOP ties into 'Wonka' movie with themed LTOs

The family-dining chain launches eight menu items Monday inspired by the film’s story—and they’re not all chocolate.


Democratizing food media in a waffle iron with Skittles

Nancy Kruse and Lisa Jennings debate the changing of the guard in food media as TikTok steals the show.

From a Chestnut Praline Latte in the Caribbean to Japan’s Strawberry Merry Cream Frappuccino, stores in different parts of the world celebrate with seasonal drinks that reflect the culture.

RB editors look at trends and topics that the industry should be thankful for, from casual dining’s survival to brunch.

The high-end restaurant teamed with a Japanese green tea expert to build a zero-proof drink list and an additional revenue stream.

Breakfast Tater Tots topped with scrambled eggs and bacon or sausage debut at units in Chicago as LTO.

The Bottom Line: The fast-food chain introduced the product in August and, according to its largest franchisee, the product has sold well. But it’s also simple to operate.

Moonlite Bar-B-Q is one of the few restaurants in the U.S. that serves mutton, to the tune of 350,000 meals a year.

The chain says promotions like $1 margaritas are working, but it's looking to do more on the permanent menu too.

Can the nation's collective palate evolve beyond the chicken nuggets they loved as toddlers? Or will we finally reach peak nugget and find another craveable protein to dip in all those terrific sauces out there?

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