Tracy Kim promoted to CEO of Dig as fast-casual chain reignites growth in the suburbs

The once-urban brand is making a play for the suburbs where officials believe a broader audience is hungry for from-scratch bowls at both lunch and dinner.


McDonald's is testing Cold Brew coffee and serving Big Mac Sauce Dip Cups

The fast-food giant is offering two versions of Cold Brew in Southern California. It will also start to sell Big Mac Sauce Dip Cups for a limited time starting April 27.

The fast-food chain is making a number of small changes to its Big Macs and classic Cheeseburgers, including a hotter sear and melted cheese, which the company believes lead to a big improvement in quality.

During the spring and summer, restaurant guests are looking for dishes that appeal to a healthier lifestyle. Now is the ideal time to menu California Avocados, while they’re at the peak of their season and availability.

Consumers looking for global flavor love familiar Mexican flavors—check out exciting ways to add more globally inspired options to the menu.

The LTO is Sweetgreen's first bowl with no lettuce and marks an ongoing move to capture the dinner daypart.

Rewards members can vote on the app now for the return of one of these fan favorites later this year.

The sandwiches come in two varieties—chicken and beef ‘n brisket—highlighting the fast-food chain's focus on meat.

Two RB editors sampled the coffee chain's Oleato line of beverages to see whether the combination works. Here’s what they think.

After a successful test last year, Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets are debuting systemwide Monday, prepared with the Colonel’s Original Recipe.

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