Get ready for the Big Game with menu items that are hot, hot, hot

As sports fans across America gear up for the Big Game, many think about the foods they’ll be eating when their favorite team takes the field. And while some host a big party at home, plenty of others head to local bars and restaurants to watch the game on the big screen. But no matter where they watch—from the 50-yard line at the stadium or at the corner seat at their favorite eatery, guests will crave delicious, classic dishes during the game. In fact, operators can take advantage of this opportunity to feature familiar dishes with flavors diners love—especially spicy flavors.

According to Technomic’s recent Flavor Consumer Trend Report, 33% of consumers say they love hot sauce and use it on a wide variety of foods, and an additional 46% say they like it. For operators, featuring foods that showcase spicy flavors can be a big draw.

Even better, concocting delicious recipes that feature spicy flavors isn’t difficult either—especially when using sauces that consumers already know and love from Frank’s RedHot®. Fans of spicy foods know that if it’s not Frank’s, it’s not Buffalo—Frank’s invented Buffalo sauce and is the No. 1 hot sauce in the world*. The brand’s sauces provide the unmatched quality diners want, with the iconic, authentic flavors they crave. Need some inspiration? Check out these menu ideas featuring different Frank’s RedHot sauces:

  1. Original Buffalo Wings: Frank’s RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce is No. 1 for a reason—crafted from five simple ingredients including a blend of select aged cayenne peppers, it’s the sauce that consistently delivers the Perfect Blend of Flavor and Heat™. With its rich, full flavor and authentic heat, it’s the obvious choice for classic chicken wings, which are perfect alone or with carrots, celery and a side of ranch or blue cheese dressing. It’s the ultimate shareable appetizer for watching the game.
  2. Buffalo Cauliflower Bites: Frank’s RedHot Original Buffalo Wings Sauce scores big as an ingredient in this appetizer. It’s crafted with a rich, natural buttery flavor and the iconic, signature heat of Frank’s RedHot to deliver a dish guests will want to eat again and again. To prepare, cauliflower is roasted until crisp and golden brown, then tossed with Buffalo Wings Sauce.
  3. Buffalo Chicken Sandwich: Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Sandwich Sauce delivers authentic and consistently thick Buffalo flavor with extra cling to take sandwiches and more to the next level. Use it to create an unforgettable chicken sandwich that’ll be a hit on the menu. Mix buttermilk with Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Sandwich Sauce, coat the chicken with the mixture, then douse in seasoned flour and fry! Once fried, toss the fried chicken in more sauce, pile on a bun, and top it off with some dill pickle slices to pull it all together.

When it comes to sports fans’ favorite flavors, spicy sauces from Frank’s RedHot can’t be beat. The brand’s high-quality, versatile sauces make it easier than ever to craft dishes that are perfect for enjoying during the Big Game. To learn more and find more menu inspiration, click here.

*Source Euromonitor International Limited; based on custom research conducted September 2023 for volume sales (ounces/ml) in 2022 through all retail channels. Hot sauce is defined as a purely liquid spicy table sauce/condiment with vinegar as a substantial ingredient. Excludes chili pastes.

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