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From TikTok to Kimpton Hotels, the butter board trend keeps on spreading

Chefs at the boutique hotel chain are creating new takes on butter boards for holiday tables.


National Restaurant Association releases its 2023 ‘What’s Hot’ Culinary Forecast

Chicken sandwiches are still trending, but some more surprising menu items are on the move, according to survey responses from 500 chefs.

Offering top-selling, craveable options is a must to stay competitive, but with labor crunches, restaurants are looking to ingredient solutions to reduce back-of-house stress.

The chain is primed to reignite the chicken sandwich wars by challenging competitors to “copy this.”

Upcycling transforms spent grain and other edible byproducts into food that goes on the plate—not into the compost bin or landfill.

Dairy-free choices, such as cream cheese, offer new opportunities.

More consumers want to abstain from alcohol at least some of the time, and operators are answering the call with booze-free cocktail selections that are just as buzz-worthy.

State of the Plate: Filipino cuisine has long been predicted to be the "next big thing." RB's menu trends columnist says it finally may be happening.

You’ve eaten your vegetables. Now you can have a gluten-free Crispy Rice Treat.

Technomic’s 2023 predictions include an increase in bold, pink-hued ingredients on menus, some with health-promoting properties.

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