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Arby’s gives faux-meat fans a ribbing

The meat-centric chain has lifted the napkin off its first “megetable,” the carrot-like (but turkey-based) Marrot.

Consumer Trends

Political swing states take a stand on a restaurant issue

Whether blue or red in 2020, they’re against extending menu labeling.

The onetime reviewer for The New York Times showed she wouldn't be swayed by reputation or tradition.

The company’s Raised & Rooted brand joins Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat in a booming market.

But costs are also climbing steeply.

The 29-year-old brand is changing its name, menu and design.

Technomic tracks the latest ingredients and flavors trickling down to mainstream menus.

The meatless chain is launching a big-order off-premise business based on burger, taco meat and fried chicken analogs.

These are nine trends that helped shaped Technomic's Top 500 chain restaurants in 2018.

Here’s how to lure celebrants for the annual Mexican-themed fest on May 5.