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Quiz: Identify which plant-forward dishes you should offer next

Successful new menu items should combine plant- and animal-based ingredients, rather than going fully vegetarian or vegan, to appeal to the widest pool of diners.


Bob Kinkead dies

The influential chef and restaurateur left his stamp on fine dining and influenced many of D.C.'s chefs.

Today’s consumers also want more items tailored to their individual dietary needs and preferences—especially if they are flexitarian; following diets such as keto, paleo or Whole30; or are restricted in what they can eat due to medical conditions such as food allergies or heart disease.

Here are some guaranteed shockers that might have slipped past.

Here are some ways you can heat up sales by daring to pair hot sauces with other ingredients in bold, new ways

Fiery sauces and seasonings are spicing up a slew of LTOs.

The bakery-cafe chain is launching a new line with the addition of warm grain bowls.

These ingredients and flavors may be poised to trickle down to chains.

This week's episode of "Menu Feed" explores today's most influential cuisines and ingredients, and the trends that will impact what consumers want in 2020.

The meat-centric chain has lifted the napkin off its first “megetable,” the carrot-like (but turkey-based) Marrot.

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