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Taco Bell sprinkles its menu with Tajin

The chain is partnering with the iconic Mexican seasoning blend to spice up a taco, snack and beverage, all in test at one California location.


Staying ahead of the next big menu moves

Technomic’s new State of the Menu report recommends actions chain operators can take to move their menus forward this year.

Behind the Menu: The chain’s newest menu addition aims to break the mold on what a fast-food burger can be, and customers are buying in.

Behind the Menu: The fast casual uses a mushroom-based meat alternative for its Philly Shroomsteak Sandwich, a new menu item targeted to flexitarians, not just vegans.

SPARKD’ Energy by Dunkin’ leads off a spring menu collection, which also includes a churro donut and breakfast empanada.

Cost pressures, health concerns and changing consumer tastes are pushing chicken into new menu territory.

Behind the Menu: Chef Stephen Parker pairs tangy tamarind and spicy chilies to elevate February’s LTO.

GM Steven Chandler honors the restaurant’s legacy while moving it forward in step with the trends.

Chefs admit they often look to TikTok for inspiration, and a number of viral ideas have already shown up on their menus. Others may be coming through the pipeline.

Embracing the global market, how bonchon's unique approach to Korean cuisine and franchising is making waves

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