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The top menu trends of 2022 took some surprising twists and turns

Supply chain and labor challenges forced operators to streamline menus, but culinary and flavor innovation certainly didn’t stand still.


Bars elevate complimentary snacks with sophisticated flavor profiles

The usual popcorn and potato chips served as freebies with drinks are getting the chef treatment.

Corporate executive chef Oliver Plust is on a mission to expand and enhance the menu, recently adding a line of artisan sandwiches and a holiday steak plate.

Menu items are constantly flowing out of the R&D pipeline, all tapping into consumers’ desire for variety.

State of the Plate: Menu trends columnist Nancy Kruse examines the rapidly evolving doughnut, as chains big and small get innovative with the humble treat.

Chefs at the boutique hotel chain are creating new takes on butter boards for holiday tables.

Chicken sandwiches are still trending, but some more surprising menu items are on the move, according to survey responses from 500 chefs.

Offering top-selling, craveable options is a must to stay competitive, but with labor crunches, restaurants are looking to ingredient solutions to reduce back-of-house stress.

Dairy-free choices, such as cream cheese, offer new opportunities.

The chain is primed to reignite the chicken sandwich wars by challenging competitors to “copy this.”

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