McCormick For Chefs®

McCormick For Chefs®

McCormick® Grill Mates® is an essential ingredient, turning anything into an epic dish. Featuring a wide variety of on-trend seasonings to help any chef create perfectly flavored masterpieces that deliver mouthwatering, bold flavors you can see and taste.

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Turn up the heat on classic tailgating-inspired menu items

As consumers across America head to stadium football games, tailgating food takes center stage when they’re looking for something to eat.


Comfort foods with bold BBQ flavors are surefire menu wins

As operators look for ways to draw in more diners, adding rich, savory barbecue flavor to an array of dishes can be a winning move.

Consumers are finally able to freely go back to brunch, and the competition among operators is stiff. From Instagram-worthy eats to innovative offerings and global flavors, restaurant operators are wo...

Here are some ways you can heat up sales by daring to pair hot sauces with other ingredients in bold, new ways

In addition to menu staples like wings and hot-and-spicy chicken sandwiches, operators can kick up menus by incorporating hot sauces into an array of dishes.

Here are five ways to take summer menu favorites from ordinary to extraordinary with McCormick® Grill Mates®.