Restaurants come up with novel ideas to deal with novel virus

The COVID-19 pandemic is scaring customers away, but some operators are trying to drum up business with a little creativity.


What Trump’s emergency plan means for restaurants

The president aired a number of extraordinary economic measures last night in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Here are the ones of particular importance to restaurants.

According to a law firm specializing in employment issues, here are some guidelines to keep in mind.

With same-store sales growth and operational improvements, the fast casual says it plans to open 10 to 15 new units this year.

The redesign includes closing off the previously open kitchen and adding a dedicated off-premise pickup area.

The three dozen chains participating in the ICR Conference provided plenty of aha moments. Here’s a sampling of the surprising tidbits that were aired.

So who gets the blame? It depends on the problem.

Patrons of company stores in 27 states may have had personal data stolen, the chain warned.

The assessments differ—in an unexpected way.

This new generation of to-go cups and containers fit well with diners’ parallel interests in green packaging and in portable, flavorful foods.

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