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An aging population presents traffic challenges for restaurants

Technomic’s Take: Baby Boomers are dining out less often as they’ve aged. That’s a potential problem for restaurants as population growth stagnates.


Shoney’s owner launches a new fast-casual, drive-thru pizza concept in Houston

Shoney's owner launches new 7Pie fast-casual pizza brand with drive-thru in Houston.

The burrito chain will introduce LTOs for the menu highlighting Dallas Cowboys' wide receivers who wore the number 88.

Sweet & Sour: The longstanding protocols for who, what and when to tip have been upended. Here’s how the turmoil could shake out.

Trying to encourage more on-premise dining and larger check averages, continuing labor challenges can present an obstacle to providing great experiences that draw consumers into the dining room. Entertainment solutions, such as TVs in the waiting and dining areas, can keep diners occupied in the interim.

Working Lunch: Even customers are sounding off about the stances taken by favored dining establishments.

The Bottom Line: As more chains like Chipotle and Shake Shack add drive-thrus and focus on takeout, they look more like the fast-food restaurants from which they tried to differentiate themselves.

Restaurant Rewind: Carl Icahn's battle with McDonald's brings to mind these all-time classic bouts between investors and restaurant companies.

Using high-quality, yet durable, glassware not only elevates your customers’ experience but can benefit operations in numerous ways including labor costs and sanitation.

As more consumers continue to reduce their consumption of animal-based foods and adopt flexitarian diets, restaurant operators can help drive sales of plant-based menu items by incorporating familiar ingredients that appeal to a broader audience, such as potatoes and fries.

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