TransAct Technologies

TransAct Technologies

BOHA! by TransAct offers a one-stop solution for restaurants and food service companies to address their current back-of-house operating requirements while providing a future-ready platform capable of addressing back-of-house operations as they continue to evolve. BOHA! is a complete solution for restaurants, convenience stores, and food service companies who want to automate their Back-of-House operations. It brings inventory management, temperature monitoring of food and equipment, food safety labeling, food recalls, checklists and procedures, equipment servicing and delivery management together in one solution, from one vendor.

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Using technology to meet fresh food demands and boost back-of-house efficiency

Labeling system maintains fresh food and provides back-of-house efficiency.


Food safety is still an issue—here’s how technology can help

Food safety remains a critical concern for restaurants, as it not only affects the health and well-being of their customers but can also have significant financial and reputational consequences.

Automating the back of house can help reduce time and labor.

Check out these five tips for incorporating automation into back-of-house operations.

Technology is helping multi-unit operators streamline the management process.

Here's how automation is transforming the back-of-the-house.

Here are four ways automation and new digital solutions are improving the food safety game for restaurants.

Restaurants must maintain an edge in the way they provide for and respond to their customers’ needs.