Here's who is building muscle in the healthy fast-casual sector

Sweetgreen, Cava and Salad and Go are part of a new generation of chains looking for the Holy Grail of the restaurant industry: Building a national chain of healthy fast-food restaurants. This is how they're doing it.


Been avoiding Taco Bell because of lack of Vegan Nacho Sauce? Problem solved.

The beloved Nacho Fries are back and this time in a new large size that can be ordered with dairy-free nacho sauce for those who want nothing to do with cheese.

Mushrooms are known to add meatiness to meatless cooking, but now the rest of the fungi kingdom is getting a shot in restaurant and foodservice kitchens.

The Bottom Line: The burger chain kicked off the plant-based, fast-food trend with the introduction of the menu item five years ago. While the trend has slowed at quick-service concepts, that doesn’t make the move any less important.

The remaining 17 units will focus on revitalization and menu innovation. CEO and co-founder T.K. Pillan said the plant-based movement has been "over-hyped" and is now becoming "normalized."

Behind the Menu: Chef Rodolfo Cuadros of Bloom Plant Based Kitchen created the spicy Fire Banh Mi as part of the fast casual’s continuing “Chef Sandwich Series.”

The Bottom Line: Beyond Meat’s foodservice sales declined 45% last quarter as the everyday fast-food consumer remains a substantial skeptic.

The fast-casual is packing up a plant-based meal-to-go featuring its new Veggie Shack burger and non-dairy chocolate frozen custard.

The TV celeb and former fine-dining chef is expanding his ventures PLNT Burger and Eat the Change while continuing his food policy activism.

From plant-based eggs and steak to non-dairy ice cream, the Show floor is filled with plant-forward fare. Here's a look at some products you shouldn't skip.

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