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We at Sweet Street Desserts choose to be the leader in the gourmet dessert industry, setting the standard by which all others are judged.

Being a leader in “sweet indulgence” is our way of life. To maintain our leadership, we will be missionaries of the dessert experience expanding its pleasures to all parts of the day and all parts of the world. With our unwavering commitment to profitably create a constantly evolving and extraordinary line of great-tasting, high quality desserts, innovation will always be essential to our success and cutting-edge products will always be our future.

Above all, we are dedicated to creating a dynamic and gratifying environment so compelling, our customers, suppliers and co-workers will want to participate in achieving mutual success. By continuing to conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity and by anticipating the best interest of these valued people, our company’s sweet success will be certain.

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Boost dessert sales with spring and summer promotions

When it comes to restaurant operators looking to increase sales during special-occasion seasons, offering premium desserts is a recipe for success.


Springtime sports offer big opportunity to build delivery sales

Simply put, sports fans tend to be glued to their TVs, often with friends and family, ready to cheer on their favorite teams—and they don’t want to spend time in the kitchen.

Snack-sized, portable sweets, offered for both onsite consumption or as a take-it-for-later-treat, are perfect for restaurants of any size. Here's why.

Positioning desserts as a destination driver rather than simply a post-meal add-on can help increase those between-meal visits

Promoting desserts as desirable add-ons can further sweeten restaurant catering sales. Here are five ways to boost dessert sales.

Dessert can be a tough sell, especially after a delicious meal. Full diners may just give dessert a pass and ask for the check if presented with the standard offerings. But restaurants don’t have t...

With this approach, diners and operators alike win—diners get to indulge in the tasty desserts they crave, all while feeling good about their choices; and operators enjoy steady sales throughout the day.

Adding a signature touch to popular prepared desserts such as cake, pie, cookies, brownies or cheesecake can be a profitable strategy for enticing diners to boost their dessert spending.

As the delivery market continues to expand, so do consumer expectations for quality and variety. Here are six tips for driving up delivery order totals by boosting off-premise dessert sales.

Promoting desserts is a smart play to capture more of those delivery dollars.

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