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We at Sweet Street Desserts choose to be the leader in the gourmet dessert industry, setting the standard by which all others are judged.

Being a leader in “sweet indulgence” is our way of life. To maintain our leadership, we will be missionaries of the dessert experience expanding its pleasures to all parts of the day and all parts of the world. With our unwavering commitment to profitably create a constantly evolving and extraordinary line of great-tasting, high quality desserts, innovation will always be essential to our success and cutting-edge products will always be our future.

Above all, we are dedicated to creating a dynamic and gratifying environment so compelling, our customers, suppliers and co-workers will want to participate in achieving mutual success. By continuing to conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity and by anticipating the best interest of these valued people, our company’s sweet success will be certain.

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3 ways to tweak desserts to accommodate dietary restrictions

Here are a few strategies for catering to diners' dietary restrictions and preferences.


Retro desserts make a comeback

Diners are increasingly shifting toward desserts from another era, putting nostalgic desserts in the spotlight.

Check out these four trending ideas for desserts that are heating up on social media right now.

Simple ingredients can add up to wow-worthy desserts, thanks to creative presentation, menuing and marketing.

‘Tis the season for all of those comforting fall and winter flavors that evoke memories of holidays with family and friends.

Pastry chefs are finding more ways to strike the balance between sweet and savory flavors.

Over the years, portion control has influenced some restaurant dessert menus, where mini cupcakes and bite-sized ice cream sandwiches appeal to diners who want to indulge without going overboard.

To capitalize on the all-things-in-moderation approach, operators are offering fixed-price dessert flights for diners to mix, match and share.

As eating patterns shift away from three rigid meals-per-day to anytime eating, sweet treats are finding new ways and times to shine.

Customization can bring new interest to the sweets consumers know and love—and they can spell opportunity for operators, too.