Wild Blueberries

Wild Blueberries

Chefs know the value of a distinctive, premium ingredient like Wild Blueberries. Whether it’s creating new signature dishes or developing menu items with healthier properties, foodservice pros appreciate the versatility, color, taste, ease of handling and healthy aura that Wild Blueberries bring to the table. 

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5 food trends taking off

Here are five trends that operators should be keeping an eye on.


5 foods poised to become the next kale

Now that everyone is kaled out, health-conscious consumers and trend-watching chefs are on the lookout for the next superfoods superstar. Here are five likely candidates.

Fermented and pickled foods are a top food trend for 2017.

As consumers redefine what healthy means, ingredients with natural health benefits are poised to grow on menus.

Many consumers now associate clean ingredients with better-for-you menu options.

Consumer continue to seek out functional foods on restaurant menus.