Sweetgreen debuts a 'food scrap' salad

Sweetgreen will Tuesday debut the wastED salad—a collaboration with Blue Hill’s project wastED—as an extension of the brand’s commitment to reducing waste and repurposing more, the growing salad concept said.

Together, Sweetgreen and Blue Hill Chef Dan Barber developed the salad—made with “scrap” ingredients such as cabbage cores, kale stems and broccoli stalks—in the theme of wastED, the three-week pop-up concept held at Blue Hill’s New York City outpost last spring to draw attention to food waste and reuse.

“The wastED salad … is rooted in one of the most basic tenets of good cooking, which is about using creativity and technique to transform 'lowly' ingredients into something flavorful and nutritious,” Barber said in a statement. “More often than not, the foods we consider 'waste'—be it a broccoli leaf or a cabbage core—all have delicious applications. Hopefully we’re inspiring people to explore that potential in their own kitchens.”

The salad will be available to Sweetgreen customers until Sept. 28.


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