Taco Bell and Chobani Found Instagram Success With #FoodPorn

Instagram made another pitch to advertisers on Wednesday, trotting out some success metrics for Instagram ads for recent campaigns from Taco Bell and Chobani yogurt.

Taco Bell reported reaching 12.5 million 18-to-44 year-olds in the United States over a four-week period with a recent Instagram ad buy. The campaign, which took place from March 26 to April 30, gave the brand a 29-point incremental lift in ad recall for those who were repeatedly exposed to the campaign. That's four times higher than a control group, and almost five times higher than Nielsen's average for online ads.

The results come as Facebook is still being particular about which companies it lets advertise on the platform. The company began running Instagram ads in October, but, like Tumblr, has employed a controlled, curated approach rather than scaling it for maximum revenues and potentially scaring off some users on the platform.'

Chobani, meanwhile, reached 4 million 18-to-54 year-olds with its Instagram campaign during a four-week period between March 17 and April 13. The brand saw a 22-point incremental lift for recall. The campaign also saw a 7-point incremental lift in shifting perceptions away from the belief that the yogurt was only eaten at breakfast — a key campaign objective.

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