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The Keith Lee Effect extends way beyond one TikTok restaurant critic

Once the domain of newspapers and magazines, restaurant criticism has spread to social media, where both reviewers and reviewees have the potential to become viral superstars.


5 TikTok trends poised to pop in restaurants

Chefs admit they often look to TikTok for inspiration, and a number of viral ideas have already shown up on their menus. Others may be coming through the pipeline.

The chain made headlines with a slew of new menu items, but it was something else that drove discussion online.

Atmosfy and Recs encourage personalized recommendations rather than anonymous star ratings in a direct challenge to review sites like Yelp.

The chain’s Roman Empire menu gathers items from the existing lineup that fans “can’t stop thinking about.”

The local chain prompted a social media firestorm after two police officers were declined restroom access because they were not customers. It wasn't meant to be political, the CEO said, but it soon became political.

With demand for cookies skyrocketing, cookie-focused concepts have been fighting to differentiate themselves in the market.

More than half of users in that generation said they’ve visited a restaurant after seeing it on the app, according to a new survey.

Members of the band were caught on video enjoying the fast casual’s food for the first time, prompting Chipotle to temporarily change its name on Twitter and hand out 7,000 free meals.

The four-day Snap Shack activation will feature augmented reality, custom merchandise and other interactive marketing tie-ins.

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