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4 ways restaurants generated social media buzz this week

From slightly NSFW marketing to riding out celebrity happenstance, here are some recent social media wins operators can learn from.


Colorful drinks make a splash on Instagram

Visually stunning sips are helping brands drive a following on the popular social site.

The rollout will mark the chain's first use of an infomercial, plus the introduction of the Frork.

From a meat & potato martini to nitrogen-cooled ice cream, operators are adding buzzworthy at-the-table presentations that are ready for their social-media close-up.

Taco Bell's newfound qualms about social media is just one example of restaurants wondering if the status quo is such a hot way to go.

These are the brands people are talking about most, on and off social media.

Routine situations festered into high-profile controversies for restaurants this month because of pile-ons in social media.

The post also cast aspersions on the president's manhood.

Restaurants court consumers with concepts designed for next-level hospitality and social engagement.

Keeping millennials engaged is key to maintaining sales. Here’s a look at five ways to keep the attention of this demographic cohort of digital natives.

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