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Attendees share top takeaways from RLC Day One

Here’s what other RLC attendees took away from Day One of the 2014 Restaurant Leadership Conference.


Twitter-trolling health inspectors

In the Social Media Age, the language that constitutes a formal complaint has evolved.

The humor and goodwill intended by some restaurants this week was taken far differently by the public, once again underscoring the need for caution in the age of social media.

For Pride Month, Just Salad partnered with LGBT Instagram personalities to promote the chain’s Big Gay Garden Salad in their posts.

Food companies are increasingly working with restaurant operators to create custom products. Understanding the process can help facilitate the customization partnership.

Of consumers surveyed during May and June by Market Force Information, 25 percent said they plan to eat out more over the next three months. That’s a significant jump from the December, 2009 survey, when just 5 percent responded with the same intention.

A week full of big ideas. Howard Schultz tells D.C. he’d like a double half cap economy with extra foam and less partisanship. A D.C. restaurant puts a contract out on its customers. Chipotle scores twice with big branding ideas. And the power of Twitter shines through.

Top brands on Twitter: Starbucks, Subway, McDonald's, Taco Bell and Dunkin' Donuts share their social media strategies.

Menus are among the first things that a customer looks at when trying to decide which restaurant to visit. Restaurants with outdated menus on their websites—or even worse, no menus at all—take the risk of being passed over by would-be diners. Especially if the restaurant down the street has its menu online.

As a principal in Vetri Family Restaurants in Philadelphia, his partner, chef Marc Vetri often got out from behind the stove to attend culinary events.

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