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How restaurants are handling Twitter’s new design

Less than a week ago, Twitter rolled out a new design for profile pages. Some operators have embraced the challenge. Others have more to learn.

Emerging Cuisines: South African

American diners are more familiar with the wines of South Africa than the region’s cuisine.

When Food Services of America (FSA) fights for its customers, it’s not just about beating back competitors. It’s also about fighting for customers’...

A controversy involving a McDonald’s in Logan, W.Va., led locals there to embrace social media as a means of punishing the restaurant for a perceived slight. That prompted us to look closer at what many restaurants regard as a Level 5 catastrophe: Outraged consumers using Twitter and Facebook to mount a boycott.

Top franchisees' take on social media marketing.

Last October, Hash House A Go Go—known for its “twisted farm food”—launched a free smartphone app, part of an integrated marketing strategy that leverages the concept’s Facebook and Twitter platforms, while delivering menu, specials and location information.

This week: a new use for social media, teaching kids good manners, requiring heels, and how to be a hero.

Visiting chefs aren't the only ones benefiting from pop-ups; hosts reap the business benefits as well.

The quick-service chain’s exposure is being touted by the social media platform as proof the site is a viable ad medium for big consumer brands.

Strange times can bring equally unusual developments to the restaurant industry. Here's the proof.

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