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Are restaurants’ food-labeling processes ready for reopenings?

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As restaurants around the country look to reopen as pandemic guidelines change, technology will take a head seat at the table. Automated technologies, such as automated labeling systems, allow restaurant staff to focus on serving customers and keeping them safe in the restaurant space.

Easy and efficient: The Date Code Genie®

If an employee handwrites 50 labels a day, they will spend roughly 117 hours a year on this task—time that could be much better spent on other tasks. Multiply that by the number of employees  labeling ingredients and to-go meals in a given restaurant, and the time cost can be overwhelming. Implementing an automated labeling system, such as the Date Code Genie®, enables employees to shift their focus to safety and sanitization tasks, while completing labeling needs at the touch of a button.

Restaurant operations: A changing landscape

Restaurants must keep up with both national and local regulations for food labeling—regulations which conform to strict standards, are modified frequently, are regularly checked 

by health inspectors and will be under increased scrutiny moving forward. An automated system tackling both front- and back-of-the-house labeling provides time-saving functionality and increased efficiency.

Important features to consider in an automated labeling system:

  • Quick start up and use. Systems should have the capability to mass upload data such as menu items, ingredients, best-by dates and more into a cloud-based system. Automation eliminates operators spending hours plugging in items, especially if they own or manage multiple locations.
  • Robust and flexible label design. A drag-and-drop label designer makes label creation for promotions, grab-and-go, branding, prep and more extremely easy. When label design limitations don’t exist, the options are endless.
  • Label versatility. Removable, dissolving, permanent, reusable and tamper-evident labels each play an important role. With increased takeout and delivery orders, printing tamper-evident labels with an automated labeling system protects customers and businesses alike, all by simply changing the label roll.
  • Adaptable for unique needs. Every operation runs differently and may continue to see modifications after re-opening. Just like all technology, trends and capabilities will change—an adaptable system guarantees benefits for years to come.

Automated labeling systems such as The Date Code Genie® help restaurants maximize time spent on what matters most during reopening—serving customers safely. In a time of constant change, tools that are flexible and forward-looking are of the utmost importance. Learn more about the Date Code Genie® and explore additional benefits at https://go.ncco.com/dcg-rb.

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